Feeling like a celebrity!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the job (other than working with the children!) is to be able to visit other schools.  This is valuable on two counts.   Firstly, the reassurance that what you are doing at your school is comparable to what is going on at other peoples’ schools and secondly an opportunity to steal (sorry, borrow) good ideas and practise!

This week, as part of my Deputy Head teacher induction programme I had the opportunity to visit a primary school in Urmston.  The training was great, with a very motivational speech by the Head teacher and the opportunity to meet other deputies, which gave me a chance to talk about my own priorities for the coming year.

Part of the visit includes a tour of the school.  Secretly this is my favourite part of the training because as I said you get the opportunity to borrow good ideas.  This school tour turned out to be particularly enjoyable one.  The Head teacher showed us around, pointing out all the improvements she had made over time and began showing us the classrooms.  As the large group were ushered into the classrooms, I was welcomed with whoops of joy and “Mrs Chrysler!”  It turned out that a lot of the children remembered me from when I had taught them at the local infant school.

I felt so privileged, as the children came up to share their news with me.  One little girl told me that her Mum had, had a baby since I had last seen her.   It was a lovely reminder of why I do this job.  To build these lovely relationships and to make a difference to the life of a child.

Anyhow, I left the meeting floating on air and with the cockles of my heart well and truly warmed.  Also, with a tiny glimpse into the world of an international, jet-set celebrity!Selena-with-Fans2

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