Hip Hippo Hooray!

This week has seen the return of Dave and Jules our SUMO experts.  They came in to teach the children about the SUMO principle: Remember the Beach Ball.  This teaches the children to try and see things from other peoples’ points of view.  I’m sure you will agree, a very important life skill.

In addition to running workshops on this theme, Dave and Jules were asked to judge the ‘Hippo Areas’ that staff and children had created as part of their SUMO work last half term.  Dave was absolutely thrilled and joked that he thought Simon Cowell had lost his number!

Dave and Jules took their role as judges very seriously and after lots of consideration, they decided that Nursery and Class 4 should split the prize money and receive £50 each.  More importantly was how impressed they were by the Hippo corners as a whole.  They visit lots of schools and were amazed by the time and effort that the staff at our school had put into creating these safe spaces for their children.  They took photos to show other schools the good work that was going on at Gorse Hill. I couldn’t have felt prouder and would like to thank all the staff and pupils for buying into the SUMO principles.  I am a big fan of SUMO having seen its impact at one of my old schools but whilst walking around looking at the SUMO work going on, it was evident that Gorse Hill has really embraced it too.


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