Carpe Diem! Learn Latin!

This week has seen us welcoming back Dave and Jules to deliver our fifth SUMO principle: Learn Latin or Seize the Day!

This unit introduces the idea that change comes through action. New thinking on its own will lead nowhere it must be matched by action. Carpe Diem – seize the day encourages children to act upon their beliefs and rise to the challenges that face them. The sessions look at the factors which hinder action and provide strategies for moving forward. The aim of the unit is to move children from saying ‘I wish I had!’ to ‘I am glad I did!’

Again, I feel that this is a lesson most adults could learn from too!  It’s so wonderful to hear the children talking about SUMO and using the positive language that goes alongside it.

Dave and Jules based their work around the song that is in the charts at the moment.  I’m sure you will have heard it, its the one about being seven years old.  Of course, straight away this was a context that the children could really relate to.  They thought about what their lives would be like when they were twenty.  They acted out their dreams and aspirations through drama.  Dave also taught the children a rap, to remind them to give everything to the here and now!  The performances at the end of the two days of workshops, were amazing!



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