It was a couple of months ago now when Miss Ostrowski came up with the brilliant idea of having a History Day linked to the Queen’s birthday.  As you know, I also teach in Reception and I just so happened to wonder out loud what I would wear on the day.  Miss Keaveney said that she has also been thinking about it and thought that as there were five Reception staff, we could come as the Spice Girls!

We very quickly assumed our roles – Miss Keaveney would be Scary, Miss Ostrowski would be Ginger, Mrs Heathcote would be Sporty, Mrs Barlow would be Posh and I would be Baby!

Then came the hunt for an outfit.  The Baby Spice costume was out of stock all over the internet but they did have her fantastic wig.  It came in good time.  My husband insisted upon trying it on and chasing our terrified kids all over the house.  I found a nice pink dress to wear (Baby Spice always wore pink) and already had some white boots from another dressing up day.

On the day, I don’t think Mrs Bates or the staff could quite take me seriously with that wig on.  The Reception children thought my hair had grown over night and when I took the wig off later because it was too hot and itchy, they thought I had cut my hair!  As for the boots, I wanted to take them off after 5 minutes.  They pinched my feet terribly!

None of that mattered.  We had a fantastic day that hopefully the children will remember for years to come.  I want to thank everybody who got dressed up that day: children and staff.  Of course a big thank you to you parents for all your hard work and contributions.

spice girls 1

spice girls 2

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